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Operation Northern Exposure 2024: A Public Safety Leadership Forum
9/11/2024 - 9/13/2024
8:00 AM EST

Location: Courtyard Petoskey at Victories Square, 1866 Mkwa Place, Petoskey, MI 49770

Registration ends on 8/16/2024
There are currently 45 spots remaining out of 47

Event Description
Back by popular demand!  Join us on September 11-13, 2024, in Petoskey, Michigan, for Operation Northern Exposure, a public safety leadership forum brought to you by a partnership between MACNLOW Associates and Command Presence.  The purpose of the forum is to shine light on the important issues of individual and organization culture, leadership, and communication for public safety professionals.  Space is limited to 40 persons.  The registration fee is $995 per person and includes breakfast and lunch on both days.  Hotel accommodations are separate and discounted rates starting at $109 per night are available at Courtyard Petoskey at Victories Square.  All programs will take place at this location as well.  SNC approved (MNA2024-4560) and MCOLES registered for 302 funds.

Wednesday, September 11, 2024 (7:30 – 10:30 pm)
Fireside chat with the conference presenters and social event to familiarize attendees with each other and increase communication and participation throughout the event.  No credit hours for attendance, but participation is strongly encouraged. Enjoy the fireside chat and complimentary appetizers and beverages, as well as corn hole games, euchre, and board games.

Thursday, September 12, 2023

8 - noon: 
Leadership: Mindset, Resilience, and Roulette

Jim Hotaling, N2Growth
  1. Leadership Mindset: The Elegance of Simplicity
  2. Resilience for the Leader: Improve leadership performance by understanding and embracing resilience
  3. Leadership Roulette:  Jim leads a “walk around the room” with a random pick of topics to force impromptu discussions based on the earlier presentations, embracing the topic of leadership in a low threat, inclusive environment. 
Noon – 1 pm: Lunch

1-3 pm: 
“Grit” and the value of critical thinking for public safety leaders

Rich Thacker, MACNLOW Associates
  1. Define Grit
  2. The Grit Quiz
  3. Five critical thinking skills and ways to improve them
  4. Fixed and Growth Mindsets
  5. Compare “Automatic” and “Manual” thinking
  6. Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
3-5 pm: 
Using emotional intelligence to achieve organizational objectives in public safety
Michael Thomas, MACNLOW Associates
  1. What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)
  2. The Basic Emotions
  3. The Human Brain
  4. EI strategies for influential leadership
  5. Leadership summary: Five Components of EI to become a more effective leader
Day Two: Friday, September 13, 2024

8 am to 11 am:
Preparation and training…and then knowing:  Lessons learned from the MSU Critical Incident

Barb Davidson, Director, Ingham County 911; Chris Rozman, Chief, Michigan State University Dept. of Police and Public Safety

A review of the events of February 13, 2023, and the actions of public safety professionals in response to the active violence incident at Michigan State University. What worked, what could be improved, and how you can improve your agency from the insight of those directly involved.

11 am to noon: 
Panel and open forum discussion

Because it’s Friday the 13th and there is always a wide variety of “scary stuff” that needs to be addressed by public safety leaders, we’ll use this hour to enable attendees and conference presenters to share their concerns and brainstorm ideas and solutions.  Attendees are encouraged to bring specific examples of concerns and/or successes to share with the group. Andrew Bouck and John Bostain will serve as discussion hosts. 

Noon to 1 pm: Lunch 

1-3 pm: The Many Faces of Leadership
Michael Warren, Command Presence

This session will lead attendees through a discussion, and perhaps even a debate, on the "best of the best" leaders in other professions such as academics, athletics, military, and business, and how to adapt different leadership styles in public safety depending on the challenges or opportunities being faced.  Leadership is primarily about two things – people and actions. People must be the focus of leaders and that focus must be the “why” driving leadership actions. In order for actions to be effective, leaders must be present, grounded in reality, and willing to deal with issues, all while looking to the future. This session will identify:
  1. The four faces that leaders must be comfortable “wearing.
  2. Using the understanding of the four "faces" to care for your people
  3. How the four "faces" will help you become the leader you had.

3-5 pm: The 16 Undeniable Laws of Communication
John Bostain, Command Presence

Communication skills are crucial, but true success in the workplace hinges on your ability to connect with others. This course, inspired by John Maxwell's "Everyone Communicates, Few Connect," delves deeper than simply conveying information. We'll explore strategies for building genuine connections with co-workers, citizens, and supervisors, fostering a more collaborative and productive work environment. Topics covered include how to:
  • Speak from conviction
  • Prepare your content and yourself for speaking
  • Find and use your personal and communication strengths
  • Focus on your audience and connect
  • Tell better stories
  • Read the room and create energy and anticipation
  • Inspire people to take action