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Tactical Dispatching
1:00 PM - 5:00 PM EST

Location: Virtual Classroom with live instruction, Virtual Classroom with Live In

Registration ends on 8/22/2023
Tactical Dispatching (Virtual Interactive Classroom with Live Instruction)

Event Description
This four-hour course will serve as an introduction to Tactical Dispatching. Students will learn the roles and responsibilities of a Tactical Dispatcher and gain an understanding of the ICS and NIMS structure and systems.  The primary objective of the course is to illustrate the importance of the Tactical Dispatcher's function within the command structure and provide tools to assist responders in a tactical environment. Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to:
  • Understand the elements of a high-risk incident
  • Define core team responsibilities
  • Utilize dry erase boards and manage radio traffic
  • Participate in intelligence gathering
  • Outline the ICS & NIMS system
  • Be familiar with tactical equipment and tactical forms
  • Have knowledge of the skills needed in the tactical environment for dispatch

    The cost is $150 per person; SNC Approved (MNA 201905C). The class will run from 1 pm to 5 pm.