Event Registration - MACNLOW Associates
Basic 40-Hour Dispatch School
11/29/2021 - 12/3/2021
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

This course will utilize a virtual classroom with LIVE instruction and an interactive virtual classroom with two-way audio and video interaction amongst participants and the instructor(s).  This is a great way to participate in a MACNLOW course while avoiding travel and travel-related expenses as well as maintaining the health and safety of students and instructors. The cost is $699 per person.  (SNC approved: MNA201303A; meets Module I requirements)

MACNLOW’s Basic 40-Hour Dispatch School utilizes a unique and practical combination of lecture, personal assessment, small group exercises, skill-building exercises, and role play to cement learning. Our instructors for this course are all highly-qualified, experienced dispatchers or dispatch supervisors.

Day One:  Welcome to Dispatch
Duties and Responsibilities, Dispatcher Roles, Technology, Integrity and Responsibility

Day Two:  Professional Interpersonal Communications
DiSC Behavioral Profile, Listening Techniques, Call Control Skills, Stress Handling Techniques

Day 3:  Radio Communications
Police/Fire/EMS calls, Emergency v Non-Emergency calls, Interoperability, Incident Command 

Day 4:  Call Intake and Call Handling
Key Questions - the 6 Ws, Call Sequencing and Clarifying, Over-Rating or Under-Rating the Call, Caller Empathy, Handling Different Types of Calls

Day 5:  Skill Building, Client Services, and Telephone Etiquette
Skill building using all techniques and information from the week; serving the public, dispatch, law enforcement, fire and EMS; doing the job well and politely, making all of us look good!


Location: Virtual Classroom

Registration ends on 11/22/2021
Basic 40-Hour Dispatch School (Virtual Interactive Classroom with Live Instruction)