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Inmate Classification
8:00 AM - 4:00 PM EST

Event Description

Inmate classification is one of the highest areas of liability for any jail or lockup and jail lawsuits are on the rise in this state and across the nation. An effective, well-defined classification system along with properly trained classification staff will help reduce escapes and escape attempts, suicides and suicide attempts, and the number of inmate-on-inmate assaults in your facility. 

This training takes a closer look at the classification system and examines many issues that face jail classification officers every day, regardless of what software program is used in their jail.

Jail classification officers will gain a better understanding of the importance of classifying inmates, proper documentation, proper use of the override system and learn how to compile reliable and accurate data on inmates to make informed decisions in the classifying and housing of inmates. They will learn to use their available resources to make defendable decisions on separating, classifying and housing all different classes of inmates

This course features real life scenarios, videos and best practices that are based on decades of experience, case law and standards set by the Michigan Department of Corrections, in addition to standards set by the National Institute of Jail Operations (NIJO). 

Jail classification and having properly trained staff is an important part of operating any jail, large or small.  

The cost for this course is $225 per person.  The instructor will be Captain Robert Earle, Ingham County Sheriff's Office.

MACNLOW Faculty: Captain Robert Earle, Ingham County Sheriff's Office, in charge of the Booking, Receiving and Classification Units. He works closely with the Jail Administrator on a daily basis to run Ingham County's 665-bed correctional facility (recently reduced to just below 450 beds due to Ingham County's successful Jail Alternative Programs). He is a graduate of Michigan State University. Captain Earle has served in many capacities at the Ingham County Sheriff’s Office as a Deputy in the Corrections Division before rising to the rank of Sergeant in 2012, Lieutenant in 2017, and Captain in 2021.  He has served as Housing Officer, Work Release Coordinator, Corrections Training Officer, Corrections Hostage Negotiation Team Member, Booking Officer and Classification Officer. He has been a liaison to the 30th Circuit Court's Mental Health Court and has worked on several inmate initiatives, including an Ingham County program to reduce opioid overdose deaths. Captain Earle is also the Commander of the 19-member regional Capitol Area Dive Team (CADT) and Underwater Search and Recovery Unit. He has been on the Sheriff's Dive Team for over 16 years, achieving several high-level dive certifications and attending training across the country. In 2018, Robert was recognized and awarded the Distinguished Valor Award from the National Institute of Jail Operations (NIJO) which recognizes individuals for their outstanding service to heroically serve and protect or who have made critical decisions or taken preventive actions that ensured the safety and security of staff, inmates, and the general public.