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Advanced 40-Hour Dispatch School
12/6/2021 - 12/10/2021
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

This course will utilize a virtual classroom with LIVE instruction and an interactive virtual classroom with two-way audio and video interaction amongst participants and the instructor(s).  This is a great way to participate in a MACNLOW course while avoiding travel and travel-related expenses as well as maintaining the health and safety of students and instructors.  

MACNLOW’s Advanced 40-Hour Dispatch School enables attendees to meet all SNC Module II requirements (MNA201408A) by attending all five days for $699 or any one-day course for $275.  Our team utilizes a unique & practical combination of lecture, personal assessments, small group exercises, skill building exercises, and role play to cement learning in the following areas. 

Attendees will assess their listening skills, learn to apply the skills and "thinking patterns" to help handle a suicide call successfully, assess psychological considerations, keep the caller talking, ask critical questions, and gain call handling methods proven effective for others.  SNC approved with Module II (b) endorsement; MNA201504B

A comprehensive overview to define “terrorism;” identify the similarities and differences between “Domestic” and “International” terrorism; identify common misconceptions related to terrorists; discuss potential terrorist targets; identify and define eight (8) potential terrorist threats/acts; identify the role of Fusion Centers in suspicious incident reporting; define NIMS and its purpose; identify possible resources and tactics used to mitigate loss of life following a large scale terrorist incident; and more!  SNC approved with Module II (e) endorsement; MNA 201407A

Attendees will complete a Stress Response Profile to analyze their individual stress levels with an emphasis on the challenges of a dispatching career, both in terms of tasks and toxic people, utilize the Thought Reframing and FIT/S/ACE approaches to handling stress, and examine individual approaches and develop skills for minimizing, 
preventing and heading off stress.  SNC approved with Module II (d) endorsement; MNA 201110A

Utilizing 911 cases which pinpoint various types of liability, this course analyzes liability issues, examines common elements of liability, looks at why people sue, examines the typical process of a lawsuit, develops measures for reducing and/or preventing liability, demonstrates courtroom testimony procedures and pitfalls, and considers “best practices” for dispatchers and dispatch supervisors.  SNC approved with Module II (c) endorsement; MNA 201001A

This course focuses on helping telecommunicators learn innovative ways to capture information, frame effective questions, understand the psychological dynamics of domestic violence, and methods to keep their officers safe.  SNC approved with Module II(a) endorsement; MNA200608E

The cost for the full week course is $699 per person.  Individual one-day classes may be taken at a cost of $275 per day; to register for a one-day course, please return to the course calendar and click on the individual course or contact our office at 517-925-1434 or register@macnlow.com for assistance.



Location: Virtual Classroom

Registration ends on 12/3/2021
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Advanced 40-Hour Dispatch School (Virtual Interactive Classroom with Live Instruction)