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Delivering Exemplary Customer Service


This course is designed to provide information regarding the importance of providing exemplary customer service within the dispatch center. The course will examine best practices for dispatch centers to enhance their skills to provide a positive interaction with the communities and agencies we serve.  Course objectives include:

  • Discuss how to effectively help the people you serve
  • Learn to reframe your communication for better results
  • Explore Caller Focused Service 101
  • List the 4 C’s of Caller Focused Service
  • Discuss handling negativity
  • Learn the 7 Characteristics of the "Best of the Best" in Customer Service
  • Understand the role of optimism and resiliency
  • Identify the keys to Exemplary Customer Service
  • Examine and enhance your Cooperation Techniques
The cost is $275 per person and the course is SNC approved (MNA2022-2447).   

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8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern

Virtual Classroom with Live Instruction
, MI

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