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This four-hour course is designed to provide information regarding the proliferation of swatting and the impact on dispatch, law enforcement and our community as a whole. It will give an overview of the history of SWAT, the origins of Swatting, as well as how and by whom Swatting is executed. With a review of some case studies and the FBI Swatting Database, the course will examine best practices for dispatch centers to respond to these types of calls to provide a proper response to the communities and agencies we serve.  Upon completion of the course, attendees will be able to:
  • Define Swatting and discuss what is meant by the term
  • Learn about the history of SWAT
  • Explore the origins of Swatting
  • List the types and techniques of executing Swatting calls
  • Discuss the landscape of laws in response to Swatting calls
  • Understand what the FBI Swatting Database is and its uses
  • Review Swatting Case Studies
  • Identify best practices for dispatch response to Swatting

    The cost is $150 per person; SNC Approved (MNA 2024-4316). The class will run from 1 pm to 5 pm
Rockwood Police Department
32409 Fort Road
Rockwood, MI 48173

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