Endurance: Lessons in Leadership (8 am to noon)
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This four-hour course is designed to analyze the exemplary leadership skills of Ernest Shackelton, one of the foremost explorers of the 20th century, who led a group of men on an incredibly dangerous and arduous journey to Antarctica, where their ship was destroyed and they endured nearly two years in sub-zero temperatures before being rescued. This course will identify seven leadership lessons from Shackleton and why these are still relevant today. Learn how to build a resilient team and lead by example, as well as understand why adaptability, good decision-making, communication, and crisis management skills are critical to success in difficult circumstances. We hope this course will give you some extra motivation and ignite the leader within YOU.  The cost is $150 per person and the course is registered with MCOLES for 302 funds and SNC approved (MNA2024-4557) for dispatch training funds. 

Course Objectives
  • Define Endurance; discuss the concept and the journey of the sailing vessel “Endurance” to Antarctica 
  • List seven (7) leadership lessons from Ernest Shackleton, explorer
  • Explore ways to build a resilient team 
  • Learn about adaptability and decision-making
  • Identify how to lead by example
  • Examine and explore communication, motivation strategies, crisis management and emotional intelligence
  • Understand Shackelton’s leadership legacy and relevance and how it still applies today
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