Grit & the Value of Critical Thinking: Common Sense & Emotional Intelligence in the Dispatch Center
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern
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Event Description
This course is designed to provide information on grit and the power and success of “gritty” people within the dispatch environment. We will define and explore critical thinking and discuss critical thinking skills, problem solving, decision-making skills and attitude as it relates to work inside the dispatch center. The course will examine best practices for dispatchers to follow when faced with difficult situations and people that require critical thinking skills, problem solving practices, common sense, emotional intelligence and the importance of a positive attitude.

Upon completion of this course, the participant will be able to: 
  • Define Grit
  • Learn how Grit relates to dispatch
  • Explore your “Grit” factor with the Grit Quiz
  • Define critical thinking
  • List five definable critical thinking skills
  • Identify benefits of critical thinking skills and ways to improve them
  • Compare “Automatic” and “Manual” thinking
  • Discuss how to stay positive on the dispatch floor and improve your decision-making process
  • Learn how common sense and emotional intelligence can help you do the job well
  • Define implicit bias
  • Explore common cognitive biases
  • Identify ways to deal with difficult people
The cost is $275 per person and the course is SNC approved (MNA2023-3874).
Meceola County Central Dispatch
20701 Northland Dr
Paris, MI 49338

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